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Firstly, I recognise as an independent candidate I will not be able to be

all things to all people, and for some folk that means I don’t count at all.

However, here are some of my thoughts around climate change.

We all must play our personal part, which I actively do and promote via the

RRR recycling process.


With regard to climate change, I understand the LC is about to consider the

Climate Change Amendment Bill and those various submissions have been made to

the LC including that from Climate Tasmania and the Tas Independent Science

Council raising specific concerns around ‘urgency, sector emissions

reductions, independent advice, strategic resilience, parliamentary

oversight mechanisms ‘etc. 

This advice is obviously authorative. Their submission to the Legislative Council

from the Tas Policy Exchange within Utas, is the sort of independent

review most valuable to the LC members when reviewing potential legislation.

The section on transport, page 42 highlights the challenges facing Tasmania

and also, possible solutions (3.3 Strategies).


One of the most important issues for me is in reeling back our desire for

suburban sprawl which requires so much private vehicular transport, part of

that solution is dramatically increasing density within our existing

suburbs. Serious red/green tape currently prevents this.

A case in point is  last month’s final approval in Sandy Bay for a carbon neutral housing

development attracting 270 opposing submissions to just 2 in favour, mostly

about ‘height restrictions’. all about ‘not in my back yard’ attitudes

fostered by a desire for eutopia, but in the end empower individual

self-interest. This of course is only my assessment and I of course invite

community input, as the structure and purpose of the LC is to do so….. I

am also keen to see us in Tassie progress the ‘electrification’ of the

island as an example to the rest of the country, we don’t want use of fossil

fuels and most don’t want dams, but we have dams they have been built with

the debt that they required, so at this point I don’t see enough evidence in

favour of restoring Lake Pedder, that might change and again one

Parliamentary member can’t be all things to all people.


Elected members to the LC are able to review all the evidence and pass

‘judgement’, my concern is if the major parties dominate both houses as we

saw with the gaming debacle then our house of review can’t work as it

should, and so I stand as an independent in an attempt to return the balance

of power to the independent members, not the major political parties.