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The recent call by Senator Lambie to limit the actions of interstate buyers within our housing market
is understandable but misguided.

The Senator is correct in pointing to inaction on emergency housing by our political establishment.
The reality is that nothing has happened because no effective initiatives have any chance against the
massive load of red and green tape that we as a society have tolerated being smothered upon us
over the past couple of decades.
The best example of this is the failed $10,000 ‘Granny flat’ initiative floated by the current
Government in response to the affordable housing emergency. It failed for three reasons:

  1. Govt fees and charges remained in place that effectively outweigh the cost benefit.
  2. Several local Gov areas have regulations that actively oppose such ancillary dwellings and these
    were not addressed.
  3. No state-wide tender process accompanied the ‘Granny flat’ proposal to deliver the economies of
    scale required for effective uptake.
    This was a tragic misstep by the Gutwein Govt which could have not only delivered roofs over the
    heads of those on the public waiting list but spread those families throughout our existing
    established suburbs guaranteeing them access to schools, support networks and other essential
    services. In addition, it could have taken enormous heat out of the rental market.
    If we can’t make any use or sense out of the red and green tape responsible for these failures , then
    it’s high time we rolled back this beaucracy which is responsible for so much grief.Rick Cazaly
    Lenah Valley