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Lifelong health promotion for players

Healthy competition and sportsmanship

Building bridges within football communities

Roy Cazaly Football Club: Building strong communities through healthy lifestyle coaching


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Cazaly Sports

The Roy Cazaly Football Club has been established to promote the philosophies of health and well being as demonstrated by the life's work of the late Roy (Up There) Cazaly (1893-1963), Roy Cazaly Jnr (1919-1994) and Roy Jnr's son Rick Cazaly (1953-)

Roy Snr, who played for and coached many football clubs over four decades, was a strict non-smoker and non-drinker who avoided fried foods and insisted on a fresh food diet  (unfashionable in those days). At only 180cm (5 ft 11 inches) and weighing 79.5 kg (12st 7 pounds) he was not a big man, but was able to outclass many much larger opponents.

He was an excellent kick with either foot and could also bat with either hand.

As a coach, he developed innovative conditioning drills and demanded that his players achieve and maintain peak health & fitness not only throughout the football season, but across the player's whole family and community life as well.

Anything else, he declared, was not fair to the player, the team or their supporters. Off the field, Roy worked as a physiotherapist who devoted much of his life to helping sportsmen and ordinary working people overcome debilitating illness and injuries, often for little or no payment. Roy Jnr joined with his father from the late 1930s to expand the family's health and fitness operations, with particular emphasis on programs specfic to women. From 1970 Roy Jnr's son Rick Cazaly brought these principles into the modern era, with the focus shifting to workplace settings and community-wide participation. 

These men dedicated their lives to health and fitness promotion through physical therapy, physical fitness programs, healthy lifestyle choices, the leadership of men and the building of strong communities. Throughout their lives there was a strong focus on inclusion and particpation for all, irrespective of skill level and natural talent.  

Established by Rick Cazaly, The Roy Cazaly Football Club seeks to support families,individual boys and girls, clubs and organizations who respect the 'Cazaly Values' typified by Roy's example.

Its objectives are to promote:

  • Lifelong health promotion for players (healthy lifestyle coaching & injury prevention training )
  • Healthy competition & sportmanship (teaching healthy teamwork from an early age)
  • Building bridges within football communities (helping clubs engage 'women's only' programs and community engagement) 


THE ROY CAZALY FOOTBALL CLUB offers worldwide membership, educational products and programs, merchandise and memorobillia, recognition and endorsement.


Rick Cazaly

Rick Cazaly is the program director of the Roy Cazaly Football Club.

Rick grew up in the family fitness centre surrounded by men and women who were passionate about helping others achieve better health and fitness. In 1970 be started working at the ‘coalface’ as a trainee gym instructor/trainer, applied himself to continuous education and training and throughout the next forty years developed a strong record as a Health & Wellness Coach across a wide range of Heavy Industrial settings including BHP Temco, Renison Goldfields, Aurora Energy and many Govt departments. For eight years he was the state director of the highly successful ‘Gutbusters’ men’s health program and developed a parallel program for women (‘Wise Women’s’ program). As a registered Fitness Professional he has taught other trainee fitness instructors at the certificate course at the University of Tas and the Fitness Diploma at TAFE.

Whilst maintaining contact with the community at a face to face level as a Personal Fitness trainer, he also helped nurture the professionalism of the Fitness Industry as a founding member of the national Industry body ‘Fitness Australia’ in 1985. He served on the board of Fitness Australia for 13 years concluding as Vice President in 2003 .

In 2000 he was the driving force behind the establishment of the Tasmanian Premiers Physical Activity Council, and over five years served on the council as Vice Chairman and Chairman.  

In 2002 Rick was recognised by the Fitness Industry with a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ and by the Prime Minister’s ’Centenary Medal’ for ’32 years service to the Australian community through the Health and Fitness Industry.’ 

In 2006 he retired from operating the family fitness centre ‘Cazaly Fitness’ to concentrate on reaching more of the community through ‘Cazaly Sports – Health’ and the ‘Roy Cazaly Football Club’.