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Ella Haddad is correct in calling out the 150 successful Granny flat grant applicants a ‘drop in the ocean’, compared to the thousands of applicants the scheme attracted. The shortfall in uptake of this great initiative from the State Govt is the Local Govt over regulation with red and green tape that is starkly obvious when you compare the performance of the various local Councils across this scheme, especially in our older established suburbs where the scope and demand for this increased density of housing is huge.

A key reason for this reluctance from some Councils to be more progressive is their over sensitivity to the noisy ‘not in my back yard’ fraternity within their municipality. It’s high time true leadership from the State Government took charge of and over ruled Councils on this incredible expression of selfishness and declared a state of emergency in affordable housing to roll out the thousands of Granny flats so urgently needed.

Rick Cazaly. Lenah Valley.